06 March 2011

The Zoo: Always an Educational Experience

"Hey Dad, can we go see the otters now?"
"Ohhhh...I don't have a good feeling about this."

 "Look there's one in the water."
"Awwww, how cute."

"Oh, and another up there by the otter house!"


"Hey Dad, did you see..."

"Um, Dad..."

"Daddy, is that his..."

"Okay kids, time to go look at the lions now!


Totally G-rated Lion Shot -- *whew*

"So kids, what was your favorite part about the zoo?"

"He he, I liked the part where..." 
"Quiet!  We're not supposed to talk about that."


"I was afraid this would end badly."


Julie V. said...

Still laughing! Love the photo story! Hee Hee Ha Ha!
(where is the zoo???)

Nathan said...

Funny! You never know what animals will do ... or how kids will react. The photo story is great.


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