07 March 2011

A Mathematical Miracle

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's World Population Clock (, there are
6,904,359,382 people in the world right now.

According to Internet World Stats (, as of June 30, 2010 there are 1,966,514,816 Internet Users in the world.  That's about two people with internet access for every seven people on Earth.

As tracked by BlogPulse, there are 126 million blogs on the Internet.  Ignoring the fact that many bloggers have multiple blogs, approximately one of every sixteen internet users is a blogger.

These statistics alone are not awe-inspiring.  What is amazing, however, is that of the nearly seven billion people on earth, YOU, a one-in-two-billion-person, were able to find this one-in-one-hundred-twenty-six-million blog!

We are both fortunate beyond measure that the fates have aligned to overcome these incomprehensible odds.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you will, it was meant to be.

Now, considering the grandeur of this moment -- one which I am sure will be treasured by your great-great-great-great grandchildren -- wouldn't you feel ashamed to leave this page before leaving a comment to immortalize the occasion?  

Seize the moment!
Comment or DIE.


Mrs Morty said...

here's yer stinkin' comment ;) it took me 3.79654984567239845 seconds to write, and I hope you are exponentially happy.

Nathan said...

Wow, big numbers! I love this blog!

Feywriter said...

This blog is made of awesome. Therefore you are made of awesome. Which makes me related to awesome. Awesome!

Julie V. said...

...sneaky way to collect comments...
Keep blogging! Consider your blogging efforts as a gift of smiles and chuckles to someone who needs more of those precious up lifts.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Very sneaky, but impressive.


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