10 March 2011

Small Successes

Tonight was the big night.  Pinewood Derby racing.  

I got home from work, scarfed down some food and hammered in the car wheels just in time to head back out the door with four kids and one untested racer.  Would it drive straight?  I just prayed it wouldn't slow to a stop halfway through the race.  Having to retrieve your car mid-track is hard for a boy to live down.  

Fast forward a few hours.

We didn't come in last every race!  Is it bad that I'm inwardly happy there was one other Pinewood Derby Car that was slower than mine my son's?

Crap.  Having admitted it, I now I feel bad.  Is this survivors guilt?

Curse you lame artisan.


Julie V. said...

You must have received your Pinewood Derby skills - or lack of- from your parents. (sorry) We never could produce a winning car. Did the boys have fun, though??? Do we get to see a picture of the car?

Nikki said...

lol. Sorry, no skills here either. But I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie. hmmm.. chocolate.


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