09 April 2010

It Stinks Like Fish in Here I accidentally uploaded my latest post to Nikki's Blog...

Now all her readers who are used to the escapades of small children and handy home-making tips have been inadvertently exposed to my random sarcasm and lame attempt at humor. It is a travesty. Sorry internet.

Why then, you ask, didn't I just delete the post? yeah... about that. hehe

06 April 2010

Bugs & Truth, Life & Death

Here's your daily dose of unfiltered life truths:

  • Stepping on snails is gross. It’s worse in bare feet. Of course it’s not pleasant for the snails either.
  • Roly poly bugs can only be rolled for so long by a four-year-old before falling apart
  • Homemade roly polies are now available. What, you didn’t know there was a recipe? Mix equal parts dirt, water and snot, and voilĂ ! You too can have an unlimited supply for your kids to play with



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