08 April 2011

Let's play the "Guess What This is Game"

Can you guess what the pictures are?
Hint: They're in order from easiest to hardest.  Probably.

Photo Number One (1)

Photo Number Two (2)

Photo Number (3)

Give it your best shot.  Good luck.  Break a leg.  Or maybe just a toe or two for those of you who aren't fully committed, but will give it a shot anyway on the off chance that you're right and there is an undisclosed cash prize for the first person to guess all three correctly.  Just don't promise to share your winnings with a waitress.  Or, for that matter, Nicolas Cage.  He doesn't need it anyway.


Nikki said...

Could these be things your wife cooked? hahahaha

Dakrat said...

Well, there was that one time...

Susanna said...

lol hmmm i'd say the first one is some sort of insect wing...i have no clue on the others though


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