09 April 2011

Ignore the Obvious and Humor the Inquisitive

If you could go back in time (a random date, not of your choosing) and take only one thing with you (other than your clothing), what would it be?


Julie V. said...

How long am I going to be there????
I'll take my husband....if that doesn't count, then I'd take my scriptures - -

scott said...

Definitely a knife.

Nikki said...

I was going to have to agree with the first comment. But Scott has a point. A knife would be very useful.

Ben said...

Something I could leave in the past that would dramatically affect the present/future. This depends, of course, on how far back into the past I were to go and if I knew I'd be coming back to my own time. For example, I'd bring a transistor radio to the late 1800's or early 1900's, so that technology developed faster.

Susanna said...

It really depends on how far back i'm going. If i'm going to still be within my life time then i would want to leave a note for myself, not necessarily to change the future, but to inform myself and give advice on how to get through the problems. But if it wasn't going to be in my life time then i think i would want to bring something like the newspaper or ensign to see how things have changed since then.


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