06 April 2011

I love the smell of bile in the evening

My 5-year-old son wasn’t feeling well this evening and complained he felt like puking, but just couldn’t throw up.  I set him up in bed with a book to look at and a bowl to puke in should he not be able to make it to the toilet.  I further instructed him on how to position his head above the bowl in the event of pukage so as to avoid spillover.

Consequently, it wasn’t a huge surprise when he returned not long thereafter.  “Daddy, I puked in the toilet, and there was so much that it couldn’t all fit in the toilet!” he happily declared.


I glanced at my wife.  Nope.  This one would be all mine.

When I entered the bathroom to check the splatter factor, I found that a more correct statement from my blessed child would have been, “Daddy, I puked in the toilet, and there was so much that I was able to start at the end furthest from the toilet and still get some in the toilet!”

double sigh


Julie V. said...

Yucky. Not the funnest part of parenting. hang in there...the little guys really do grow up faster than you'll expect. Sending lots of love your way!

Susanna said...

aww yuck. :( that's just sad.


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