09 April 2011

Inside Jokes. Because they make life more fun.

“The pulse is in the toilet, but not for long.”

“Crack you like an emesis basin.”

“The circus elephant has lost its way.”

“Two chubby mice.”

WARNING:  If you are not Nikki and actually laughed at any of these, you are clinically bereft of personal contact with other living beings.  Go hug a kitten.

ANOTHER WARNING IN CAPITAL LETTERS SO YOU THINK IT IS SERIOUS AND LEGITIMATE:  If you are Nikki and didn’t laugh at any of these, you may be suffering from a temporary case of defectum humoris.  Do not worry, it is not serious if treated promptly by alternately watching The New World and Galaxy Quest until you are once again able to chuckle.  Or snort.  Snorting is good too.


Nikki said...

I debated on commenting. You know, no one likes it if only their wife or mother comments. It's like it wards off "regular commentors." But I had to. I've read this post like a dozen times. And it just makes me smile, and okay LAUGH OUT LOUD (maybe snort a little) that you know me so well-- and love me so much. Thanks for this.

Nikki said...

You are awesome!

Nikki said...

Super awesome!!!

Nikki said...

and one day you'll see those two chubby mice-- which incidentally are "plumpy mice."


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