02 April 2011

Around the Bloggity World 80 Clicks?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Shortly after leaving a starting comment on a few blogs, when I tried to return to my blog I got a "blog removed" message.  I can only assume this is in some way associated with this post and/or the comments I left.  Fortunately I was able to jump through some hoops and restore my blog.  Nevertheless, I caution anyone who got my comments against passing the comment along.  Sorry for any inconvenience -- it seemed like a good idea.  Oh well.

The Next Blog Experiment

Find out how long it takes and how many blogs cycle through before someone’s next blog click links back to Hole in the Earth.

Each comment will start this way:

Greetings!  … and my condolences.  Unfortunately, I am not the deposed prince of Nigeria with a lucrative offer for you.  You have not been randomly selected from millions of blogs for a very special offer.  And Bill Gates does not want to share his fortune with you.
However, I did click on the “Next Blog” button on my blog (, and the super secret squirrel bloggity code algorithms sent me to you.
I’m performing an internet speed test.  Well sort of anyway.  I’m checking to see how long it will take to get a comment back from someone who finds me through the “Next Blog” feature.  I’m leaving a comment on whatever blog pops up when I click the “Next Blog” button (that’s your blog).
Now, your part is to copy this comment, click on the Next Blog button at the top of your blog, paste the comment on whatever blog loads, and add your blog to the bottom of the list below.  Make sure to check in and leave your link at the Around the Bloggity World in 80 Clicks page, including the date and your blog number in the Name field.
Where has the Next Blog button been?
2.  (your blog)

Note: As this will be started on multiple blogs, don't worry if you see another blog logged with your same number -- just be happy you are not alone.

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