02 March 2010

Free web hosting for your site

I have recently started a kid-friendly website at It’s still in the construction stages, but open to the public. But that’s not what my post is about. It’s about the web host. I considered paying for one since most free web hosts had forced ads, very little storage space and/or allowed bandwidth, or extremely limited features. I tried a few and finally found a great fit at You can pay $4.84/mo for premium hosting, but since you get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB per month of bandwidth I haven’t found any need to upgrade.

Free web hosting works for me.

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Disclaimer: I just realized this completely sounds like an ad or that I am in some way affiliated with the company. I'm not -- just happy with their service and wanted to share the joy. Here, have a bit of joy. You're welcome.


Twinkie said...

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Julie V. said...

I am very impressed with your kid cuddles web site! I am going to spread the word. I read every story and checked every corner of your site and am thrilled and excited to watch it grow!

Feywriter said...

Very cool! I'll have to check out the web hosting. Someday I'll need an author website.

Love the KidCuddles site. Great job. We're having some mommy-son time over here looking at it this morning.


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