18 March 2010

The Burger King Identity

I went through the Burger King drive through yesterday. While I am not a frequent BK visitor, I go more often than I would like… or should. Breakfast was going to be one ham omelet sandwich (hamlet = $1). I don’t like the honey butter on my sandwich, so I asked for it without. At this point, the lady on the other end of the order terminal said, “Oh, now I recognize your voice. Is that you?”

Uh… how do I answer that? I was pretty sure I was me, so I answered a monosyllabic, “Yes.”

Once I pulled up to the window, however, I learned that I was in fact not myself; and the proper response to her query would have been, “No. I am not me. I am in fact someone else who is still me, but not that me at all… nor am I schizophrenic… at least I didn’t used to be.” Then, following proper small talk etiquette, I should have returned the question to show I am courteous and caring. “How about you? Are you you today?”

I’m just glad that whoever I am, I got my hamlet sans honey butter.


Nikki said...

Where's mine?

Jo said...

I think I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Good thing for arms on the chair.

Leslie said...

I WAS starting to wonder if that really was you.

on a side note, that hamlet sounds very tasty and I've never tried one before. But since BK is one of the two fast food restaurants in our town (true, seriously true, but yes, we have a few more "slow" restaurants) I may have to give it a try.

Julie V. said...

That is so funny! Thanks again for starting my day with humor. I wonder who you were supposed to be?

Susanna said...

wow. that's amazing. i wonder how the person working felt. i love how funny you are danny!! it's great!

Feywriter said...

I just had one of those hamlets today. Thought maybe that was syrup, now I know it was honey butter. Was trying to pinpoint the taste. I agree it would be better without it.

Really, though, what would someone expect you to say to a "Is that you?" without identifying who they mean by "you"? Lol.


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