26 February 2010

This video made my day

I worked customer service for some years, dabbling in technical support as required. Sometimes you have to ask the "dumb" questions and get surprising results. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


MB said...

This is exactly why when I call my cell phone provider (or any technical service provider for that matter), they treat me like I'm the hugest dope on the planet. They talk down to me like I'm so stupid. Truth is, my husband works on computers all day and I'm calling them as a last resort. I guess if anything, I feel for people who have to talk to ignoramuses all day. It reminds me of when I talk to my 72 year old mom about tech stuff. It would be easier to teach my 3 year old. He's going to pass me up in a year.

Julie V. said...

oh my...some people are really dumb, thanks for sharing


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