11 February 2010

Let me paint you a mental picture

I’m sitting next to a Squdge, feeding the hungry 5-month-old a bottle. I look down at his smiling face as he gurgles a happy “thank you” and smile a “you’re welcome” his direction. One of the other children asks me a question so I turn and talk to them for a moment. I look back down at Squdge and notice something that wasn’t there before – something on the bottle. It’s on the ring right next to the nipple, right next to my infant’s mouth. Wait a second, did it just MOVE?!

…time to perform an immediate close-up inspection…

Foreign object identified.

My exact words, “Are you kidding me?! There is a slug on my baby’s bottle! Right next to his mouth!”

In my house. It wasn’t there five seconds ago. What is this, the Twilight Zone?


Leslie said...

Okay, if you were planning on linking this to Frugal Friday, I don't think the ladies are going to appreciate this. There are really better ways to add protein frugally to your child's diet.

p.s. if it makes you feel less creeped out, I saw a colony of ants walking through a hole into the living room wall last night.things do not bode well for life at this rental.

Susanna said...

ew...that's..sick. i'm sorry, that should not be there. yuck.

Julie V. said...

oh, YUCK! How'd that happen? Totally nasty...good thing you saw it before baby ingested the nasty thing. EEWWW.


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