22 December 2005


As the world becomes a little more introspective during the holiday season, I thought the following would make an appropriate post for this time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Remember the past. If the greatest tales were left untold, the greatest adventures unrecorded, and the greatest journeys forgotten; we would unwittingly sacrifice who we could be for who we are, and ultimately perish in ignorance.

Remember wisdom. In comprehending the light and lives of those who have gone before us, we find ourselves and understand who and what we are meant to become.

Remember caution. Choose carefully whose footprints you choose to follow. For those who have gone before us uncovered the path to tread, only if we wish to go where they have gone.

Remember perspective. If he who feels inundated will but expand his world beyond himself, he will be too busy caring for others to notice the flood-waters seeping away.

Remember the Future. No thought, word, or deed we think, speak, or do is ever wasted. They are, for good or ill, the building blocks of our future inheritance.

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