19 December 2005

I dislike being sick on alert. There's no chicken soup or family to help comfort you better. At least I get to wear comfy clothing and blow my nose as often as I like. Although, I think I woke my crew partner a few times after clearing the nasal passages rather noisily.

Anyway, I felt pretty crummy after waking up this morning – all stuffed up and groggy, realizing that I had no prospect for a shower until I got home later that afternoon. My mood didn’t improve when I realized the chef forgot to send down butter for my pancakes I had ordered the previous night. Instead of nice day-old-tastes-like-the-fridge buttery pancakes, I had to drizzle this less than savory generic syrup all over them to get them moist enough to swallow, and ate day-old-tastes-like-the-fridge nasty syrup pancakes. Even that wasn’t so bad until an alarm went off and I accidentally dropped the last of my breakfast on the floor while trying to manage the situation. Oh, and by the way, there is no “ten second rule” in the capsule. If it touches the floor it is dead to the world. That includes items like M&Ms and small cellophane wrapped candies. Now sticky pancakes, well at that point you just have to rope off the area and call the biohazard response force to contain the situation.

It’s a good thing they don’t usually leave us missileers down in the hole for more than a day or so, else we might just lose all perspective on real life in the outside world.


Anonymous said...

Very funny

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Mom W....sorry you are sick...down-in-the-hole-sick has got to be worse than home-in-bed sick. Keep up the great sense of humor though, it will help through all kinds of tough times.
By the way - why did an alarm go off? Just a drill? Trespasser? what?

Anonymous said...

Death wears bunny slippers, huh? How will I hear him or her coming??

Carl said...

I have to say I'd rather work in a hole in the sky than a hole in the ground. At least when I'm sick I'm not allowed to fly, lest my illness infested mind allow me to recommend to another sentient being some action that might endanger his life. Just my luck and that would be the one time he was listening.
Watch out for the AWACkers

bekibug5 said...

Ah, the simple joys in's what all great memories are made of!

Anonymous said...

Why does death wear bunny slippers? (on your badge)


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