15 July 2007

Random Thoughts

Ten reasons why cats have it good:

10. You get to act aloof all the time unless you want something, and everyone accepts that’s just the way it is

9. If you don’t like your caretakers you can simply leave and find others

8. You always land on your feet

7. You don’t have to worry about what to wear

6. Climbing is a cinch

5. If you get stuck up a tree the firefighters will come rescue you and put you in the arms of someone who will baby you for a while because of all your suffering

4. You’re not a dog

3. Paws – padded for stealth, clawed for action

2. Rodents aren’t an infestation, they’re free roaming appetizers

1. Catnaps


Nikki said...


Mom said...

They just aren't dogs though.

Mary said...

Ahh, the life of a cat. I wish I had one.

bekibug5 said...

that's why i love cats so much...

OHANA said...

Maybe I should get a cat, for the rodent infestation at my house!! But my dog tends to scare away any cats that roam our way

lizbit said...

. . . and that's why I'm a cat person.


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