30 June 2007

Odd Humor

I have at times been told that I have a very odd sense of humor, but humor is a very odd sort of thing. It often means laughing at something that doesn’t make sense; which makes sense since the unexpectedness of its illogic is what oft times makes us laugh. Hence humor is not an odd sort of thing at all; implying the only odd sense of humor would be to have none at all. And since having no sense of humor means not laughing at something that doesn’t make sense, which is perfectly normal, the odd people must be those who have a sense of humor at all. This of course confuses the whole issue of what an odd odd sense of humor is and what an odd normal sense of humor is. Is it normal if it is normally odd or odd if it is oddly normal, or vice versa? Yet perhaps the simplest explanation is in fact not to be found in the examination of the aspects of humor, but in the reiteration of the phrase: I have a very odd sense of humor.


Joey said...

You're making me think! I don't know if that's good or bad news.... We'll miss you at the BBQ tonight! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!

Jo said...

I like your sense of humor. You always laugh when I make a joke even when no one else (even Nikki or Dad) understand, or even know it's a joke. It's a sign of HIGH INTELLIGENCE to undertstand when things are a joke when other people don't have a clue.


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