12 December 2006

Frozen Wonderland

While Dakratland may be cold enough to make a snowman wish he could travel South for the Winter, the frigid weather can at times create masterpieces of wonder and beauty as pictured below in the aftermath of freezing fog (pretty to look at, not to drive in).


Leslie said...

That does not look like the fun type of winter wonderland. Anyplace under 30 degrees is way too cold for me. Fortunately we only get about 1 week a year here that gets that low.

mrs morty said...

I didn't even know that fog could freeze

momof9 said...

Beautiful photos! You have a hidden talent. How many more years in Minot's frozen wasteland do you get to enjoy?

lizbit said...

very cool. and very cold . . . how did you stand the temperature long enough to take pictures?


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