31 October 2006

Happy Halloween

In the midnight hour of All Hallows Eve,
When the spirits and creatures are stirring,
The piercing howl of the Jack-O-Wolf,
Calls all to terrified silence.


Mary said...

That's one awesome Jack-o-Wolf. I love wolves. :-D Happy Halloween!!

DakRat said...

Last night (Halloween) when I went outside to perform the apparently simple task of replacing the candle in my gutted pumpkin, I found that the lid had unfortunately and completely frozen shut. Since the rest of the pumpkin was solid ice as well, I had to reach a couple of fingers past the gaping jaws of my creation and try to balance the new candle on the melted corpse of the former occupant. Eventually, and luckily before frostbite set in, I was successfull. The Jack-O-Wolf was once again able to glow in all his night time glory.

momof9 said...

Very awesome carving! ...sounds COLD! Sue says "Hi!" too.


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