01 January 2006

Feliz Año Nuevo

I stayed up past 2 a.m. last night (this morning) after Nikki, my wife, insisted on playing "just one more game" of Cities and Knights of Catan. Several times I caught myself staring blankly at one of my cards depicting a green-tinted sheep. Whenever a coherent thought did enter my head it had something to do with the sickly fellow and his friends jumping over a fence.

My kids woke me up several times during the night, and as I woke up early this morning for church with a severe case of impending brain implosion and mild body tremors, I was reminded of a new year tradition from Colombia where I served my mission.

In the days before January 1st, families will get together and construct a person from old clothes and such, then stuff him full of any kind of firework or explosive they can get their hand on for the occasion. They call this guy Año Viejo (Old Year) and parade him around on a donkey, if they have one available, for everyone to see. At the fateful moment, they douse the unlucky chap with gasoline then light a match and run. Anyway, I think I felt something like he must have the morning after the festivities. Happy New Year!

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Leslie said...

LOL - that is so funny that you are now a Cities & Knight victim. I don't think we've ever had a game go until 2 in the morning, but we've had some almost-all day sessions. December 2006 - the challenge is on!


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