28 June 2015

Once I Traveled through Time

Once I traveled through time.
Slipping past years in a blink of the eye,
I awoke to a world asleep.

What strangeness I did find.
Foundations forgotten or left behind,
A Potemkin village made of lives.

Strangers unto themselves.
Beings advanced in years, but not in life,
Denying their very lineage.

Children of Deity.
Living an existence devoid of light.
In a cell of their own construction.

The sun still rose and set.
But having closed their eyes to shun the truth,
They had since forgotten how to see.

The light beckoned in vain.
Unwilling to endure the sight without,
They now hid in the darkness within.

Ignorance was easy.
An imagined world: reality,
Where whatever one wants can be right.

But it was all a facade.
Lies would not corrupt the truth.
Darkness could not shut out light.

These unhappy visions seared my soul,
And I saw the truth in the light of day.
Ignorance was not bliss.

The youth were confused and wandered lost,
While the adults denied them their knowledge.
Surely the end was near.

Yet there were some few who held on still,
Armed and armored with knowledge, light, and truth.
The valiant stood as one.

They held their lights high, ne’er to be hid,
Remembering from whence and whom they came.
 They knew no confusion.

Their destination was sure and true,
And they marched ever forward, toward their goal.
The truth had kept them free.

These happy visions enlarged my soul,
As I realized that all hope was not lost.
Those who wished could be saved.

I awoke in a world asleep,
And vowed never again to shut my eyes.
I would not lose more time.

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