29 January 2010

The art of communication

Whenever I log into my yahoo mail account there is one of a few rotating pictures there to greet me and entice potential subscribers. Most I get. This one I don’t. It says to me, “Reconnect with that relative you couldn’t stand who always pinched your cheek at the family reunion. Maybe they won’t pinch now that you’re older and too cool to be pinched with your mad zone-out skilz. Maybe they’ll just hug you and you can pretend they aren’t even there.”


Feywriter said...

Yeah, that guy doesn't look too excited to be "connected".

I'm Erin said...

ha ha ha snort snort snort. I know. That guy looks so happy to be hugged buy uberly excited older woman. Since when does anyone like hugs from UEOWs? ha ha.

Nikki said...

hehe I chuckle every time I read this.

Susanna said...

hehehe nice. i agree...he doesn't seem too happy.


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