20 November 2009

Dignity Lost

I have puke in my ear. I’m not proud of it. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware of it until a few minutes ago. Granted, I have two newborns and messes are to be expected. And yes, I knew my shirt was covered in multiple puke spots of varying wetness from crusty dry whitish ones to dark sopping squishy ones. Yes I had felt the unnerving warmth creep down onto my lap several times immediately following the sloshy verping sounds; and yes, I knew I downright stank of puke. But, I was hoping to maintain some small shred of dignity – an unsoiled bit of me that I could use to moor myself to the glorious illusion that I am yet the master of my own universe. However those hopes and dreams were forever crushed (again) when I found puke in my ear. Oh the indignity. Oh the horror. I’m melting. I’m melting. What a world. What a world. Puddle. Anyone need some ruby slippers?

By the way, did I mention that I am tired and delusional, or did you figure that out on your own?


Susanna said...

oh so sorry danny. i feel very sorry for you. i hope things get better...and that it wasn't too hard to clean ur ear. i love you! miss you guys tons too.

Julie V. said...

My own experience is evidence that having a house full of little people means frequent loss of dignity...which is actually amusing and much easier to handle than the loss of dignity that happens with the teenage kiddies. - just something else to look forward to:)


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