20 July 2009

It sounded better in my head… and probably should have stayed there.

My wife is about 31 weeks pregnant with twins. One day when the aches and pains were particularly bad she described exactly how uncomfortable she felt. Every organ, joint, and nerve seemed to be battling her. Hmmm, I thought, isn’t there is a word to describe when the ones that normally work for you suddenly decide to take up arms and fight against you? Ah yes, I remembered. What did I say to my pregnant wife? “Your body is revolting.”


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Do you only post in July? :p - Jo

DakRat said...

I was dead. But I got better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear. :) - Jo

jvjw said...

yea - maybe "rebelling" would have been a better choice of did Nikki respond?


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