06 August 2006

The Inevitable is an Unstoppable Force

November is not far off now. October is even closer.

Cold days await us. Overly cold nights will haunt us. Dakratland days are short in Winter. Dakratland nights overshadow the world of day. Everything is frozen in place. No, not the missileers. They must work to keep our country safe.


Nothing is of value except that which is worth something.
On every deserted island lives no man.
Contemporary is relative to one's perspective only.
Other than nothing everything else sure is something.
Many men have suffered in pain.
Munchies are useful for those times when your tongue is hungry but your stomach isn't.
Every dog has his day; but then again they can't tell anyone about it, so what's the point?
Never spit into the wind - you're likely to insult it.
Ten 'till, but not fifty past... why?


No One Can Overlook Many Moldy Eggs Near Them.


How long did it take you to figure out the word puzzle... or are you still trying?


Mary said...

Figured it out by the time I was done reading about those moldy eggs. Quite clever. ;-)

Big Morty said...

I'm still trying

momof9 said...

No comment :)
Clever...keep exercising that amazing brain!

Reader of Blogs said...

It took a while, but I got it. I like the blog title.


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