16 February 2006

Two cowboys walk into a bar...

Recently my wife and I were traveling with our kids back from a town about two hours away from where we live when our son expressed a sincere and urgent desire to use the bathroom. As he is only four years old, and “accidents happen” we took his plea with the utmost sincerity. Unfortunately, we were still about fifteen minutes from home and the only place we could find to stop was a gas station/convenience store/bar/lounge/cafĂ©. My wife offered to take him in while I waited in the vehicle with our other two children. However, I had certain reservations about entering such an establishment in what my wife referred to as a “podunk trailer town.” When I suggested that our squirming child could possibly hold out for a little longer, my wife intuited that the gist of my argument lay in the establishment itself rather than simply wanting to continue on home. Her quirky reply before she left the van with my eldest son: “What? Are you afraid I’ll come out with three more kids, a dog, and a country song?” I had no recourse left but to laugh.


Big Morty said...

Oh, I had a dog
But he walked out with a girl
And three of my kids

Yeah, country haikus don't work as well. Maybe you should have given Dakrat Jr. a cup and informed him that he was being monitored. That would have bought you at least 30 minutes.

Big Morty's Little Sister said...

Darat Jr. shall have his turn with the pee-pee monitor.


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